Saturday, March 30, 2013

"Toasting Through"

The crescent sickle moon has fallen down on my neck
Guillotine chop, quarter past one thirty five
Drinking gin to stay alive

Emotional reactions like a critical nuclear power-plant
Ticking off wrists, an old prisoner's notches
Hatch downing scotches

The price of matrimony is frequently a faulty liver
Chained down by promises I couldn't deliver
A miscarriage cries out for a fever
Bell tolls at the pull of a lever
Vomiting out the tears
Gaining leers

First second and third: all words ending with an 'x'
Tell me what's so fair about the fairer sex
Toast marriage, drink through divorce
Stay drunk, stay the course
Bubbly fizzed out
Buzzed doubt

AA meets at six today
Therapist made me go
Wanted sex yesterday
Wife said, "No."
So I go to the bar
Have a beer and cigar
Blue moon and blue balls
On the rocks...
Like my current marriage.