Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"I Say Dream Too Much"

When others beg for life, I say dream
Like a stern yet fatherly guide
So sincere yet arrogant (or confident)
Repeated in my motherly mind
Chasing a faint shadow, not a risk
Willing to take distantly (consistently)
The machinations, I find cool
Sold at the dollar store

Art begs to question, I say dream
While wondering which motifs
The naked eye will spot (not a lot)
Stirring my own witch brew
Overabundant charm, and detail
A dialogue complex (new dialects)
I intend so much, achieve small
Found in a discount bin

Doubting nightmares, I say dream
Sewing my name on life's collar
A claim misplaced (even two faced)
Yet I see with a wife's sense
Fate's ribbons are clear, within grasp
After all that dreaming (no meaning)
My repeated passion, each echo fades
The ultimate cost of overuse