Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"A Match Lit in Hell"

Single Female; Twenty-Five
Seeking truth and man with a roof
With proof of residence  

Life's a race and people are hurdles
Crime's a passion and I'm a stunner
She's a runner so give chase

Doing donuts like a retired dirty cop
Learning life lessons the world forgot
Wash out with soap sessions 

Poetry and songs have similarities
Like family familiarity, so broken
As spoken by the noose

We seek the crop circles of meaning
Double teaming the secrets down
Wearing a crown of thorns

Thank Jesus for all the good because
You should and Bible type dealios
Eating cheerios, mocking TV

Married Male; Thirty-Seven
9/11 and Looking for redemption
Her intentions are my accident

Free flowing like bricks of clay
Moral decaying the wild woods
White hoods burning crosses

Things don't make sense until the end
We pretend, fake understanding
Life isn't a game--
It's non-withstanding