Thursday, December 19, 2013

"To You, Too Soon"

It's too easy to fail
Too easy to falter
Simple to sin
Left at the alter

Blood spills so fast
So fast it flows
Gone too soon
God only knows

Love fades with time
With time we heal
Easy to forget
The things we feel

It's too soon to judge
Too soon to jeer
So to say
Goodbye my dear

Tears come so easy
So easy to bruise
Ears too used
To new bad news

From me with love
With love I seal
Letters to you
Before my last meal

"The Artist's Lament"

"Sometimes I wonder if my dreams are only just. Lately, I've started to look at those around me and feel like I've lost touch with reality somewhere along the way. My passion tells me otherwise, but when the world seems blind to your ambition...
Yes, it's one of those days.

You have to remember... those with the most confidence often have the most insecurities to hide. 
I'm not my brother; I'm a dreamer. The sting of reality is a pain known to all humanity, but it is felt the worst by those who live in a dream. I've come to terms with the fact that I cannot live a normal life. I'm not cut out for the world outside of my art. My false bravado can only compensate so much for the isolation and uncertainty. I want to shout in my native tongue and have someone understand me, but that's a wish without a chance for being granted.

I have an affliction that just so happens to be productive. But my affinity for art, is it an advantage? My passion boils, but it burns me. I'm a kettle filled with the finest tea sitting in a room of devout coffee drinkers. I can only make art, nothing else. Being normal is an impossibility. I'm not bragging, this is a lamentation! My hands are only meant for creation. Asking me to work a normal job... that's suicide."
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