Saturday, February 22, 2014

Texts 1

"The most beautiful thing about you is your ability to see this world in a better way than I ever could."

"In spite of your fears and social challenges, the purity of your perspective and the openness of your mind is something to be envied. It's almost unfair; I could never hope to be in your brain nor understand how to smile so simply, so fully and so brightly."

"... But I don't have to. I'm happy with my front row seats. I get to experience a level of love and romance most cannot find. No one has your uninhibited beautiful mind."

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"To Be Beside Your Name"

Title fight, unrivaled
To be, her beside
Crowds form outside 

Beauty incarnate, never enough
By words, untouchable
Odes justified, so tough

Fauna wilt, with comparison
By night, stars fall
Auditioning for thrall

Winter months, your beauty rest
To hone, as if
Home address, your chest

Oceans part, your feet
A sun, your miracle
A loving burning oracle

Dictionary pines, your name
In line, adjectives
To be beside her, fame

War wages, man and verb
Adjacency, the prize
The view, your eyes 
My surname, the contender
My sword, my love
My mission:

Beautiful surrender 

Breaking Skin

Beauty is skin deep
Skin is your life
There's cuts in your sensitive skin
I put them there
I live with that

I love you, this I know
Irrespective, I show
The feelings a man can have
Knowing a woman's greater
But I appreciate
All the more

Your heart is huge
An even bigger target
I always aim to please
But I am not William Tell
Apples in tact
Sad fact

I find myself at a fork
This is amiss a bowl of soup
Choices are good devices
To show my love I pick you
Unknown to her
It was easy