Sunday, May 19, 2013

Taking it to The Next Level

So it seems like I've finally gotten the hang of this whole blogging thing. Since I'm writing four books at once, working a part-time job and freelance writing to pay the bills, it's just unrealistic to promise you daily posts. However, I will promise you updates every other day to every two days. The content is going to shift to a more fiction and poetry focus rather than the seemingly random variety that I'd posted previously. I shall still be posting opinion pieces and bits about technology (Google Glass: Futuristic... and Freaky) and general philosophy (How to Never Read Past How to) though-- don't you worry.

Kinds of posts you can look forward to:

- More short stories
 ex: The Gunslinger's Last Stand
LABEL: Shortstory

- More serialized novella chapters
ex: "Vermilion Years - 2: Unman"
LABEL: Novella

- More insight on creative writing
ex: Writing Recipes: Protagonist Pie

- Tons more 'quality' poetry :P
ex: "When Life Finally Finds Me"
LABEL: Poetry

I have exciting new ideas for this blog, like musical writing prompts, sequential plot puzzles and much more. Creativity and out of the box thinking is my forte-- and the title of the blog. I'm unorthodox and okay with it, and hopefully you'll enjoy it too! I will be focusing on networking and drawing in a larger audience to create a bit of an interactive experience. With my writing, I want to create worlds for you to become lost in. Experiences that you will always remember and come back to. Thank you, all my regular readers. Though few, you have been a great inspiration and a source of encouragement.

- B