Saturday, May 18, 2013


We're more than just lovers
We're heroes to each other
and we'll keep on saving till we die
My nothing appealed to you
You shouldered my stress
Loving last to those who loved best

This is much less song than truth
Recorded for the ages
In case time needs proof
A trace of our intimacies
Marks of kisses never seen
Outside of our beautiful bubble

Your arrival made my survival
And your smile made my day
Creating a feeling that still lacks a word
Our silence is so unbelievable
Our conversations unforgettable
All mistakes, no longer regrettable

I've said I love you before
I've kissed other lips
Good-nights and I miss yous
I've held other hips

Yet, none, I'd contest, now still exist
I never knew so much meaning until our meeting
I never knew sorrow until, "see you tomorrow"
I always laughed
Now I sigh.

They say love is cliche
It's been done before
All the movements, orchestrated
You and I, we do it more
I write from my heart now
Yet the beauty seems contemplated

With you, dreams become certainty
With you, passion finds purity
I never want to make sense anymore
I want to make love
I want to make a life

In such a short time, our problems had a name
The game, life, suddenly felt real
The wounds started healing
The big fish came in reeling
The truth hit the ceiling
This is what they tell me is a win.

You are the wind in my locket
The sails in my pocket
The sense to my curse jar
My one true angel
And a story book ending unfolding

I don't care what anyone thinks of these words
If they say these lyrics lack merits
Judge me for meter, throw me demerits
I don't care what anyone says
What anyone thinks
Whether they question my rhymes
Or "question my existence"

As sure as your red lips and gallant green eyes
The current color of your hair and the makeup you wear
The problems we have, are no longer lonely
The lives we live, no longer phony
This is my passion in words
My love given a script
If you love it
I love it

I look forward to being thanked with your tearful kiss.