Saturday, April 26, 2014

UPDATE: Returning to Vermilion Years

So I've recently started caring about my Vermilion Years project again. I initially penned it as a quick, ongoing blog series. It was just a steampunk story I was writing for fun at first, but reading it over now... I see so much more potential in it. It's taken me a while, but I think I see where I want this story to go. I'm going to repost the old chapters reworked here shortly. After those are all posted, I'll be adding new installments regularly every Wednesday! You know, I was discouraged by the lack of audience, but I am now somewhat inspired by it. I'm writing this story for myself, in hopes one or two people may stumble across it and enjoy it. When it's finished, I'll put it all up on Amazon as an e-book, see if it sells. I think that sounds like a decent plan, don't you? Honestly, I could care less either way. This book is such a unique story and offers interesting writing opportunities. I'm having a blast, and I'm beginning to understand that writing has merit for art's sake as well. As much as I love an audience--and will be looking to expand mine soon to make this a proper profession--art is its own reward.

So yeah, who knows what will come of this. I earnestly hope at least one or two people will stumble across this somehow, through my efforts or just internet coincidence, and send me some feedback.


Bradley Bechtle