Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"The Pull of Fate"

I feel the pull of fate, it's tugging in your direction. When I think of your eyes, suddenly green has meaning. Hair has a purpose, now. It's for stroking gently. Whispers, I dedicate them to your ears-- passing on near-silent profundities and ravishing truths that the world will never be ready to hear. This flutter in my stomach, it's never getting old, is it? Our bond is a glimpse at immortality-- undying, unrelenting. It's a hurricane of emotion that wraps me tightly in warm uncertainty. The only way I can convey my feelings is through a stream-- a beautiful babbling brook of poetry. I'm paddling passionately through these waters, seeking the source of this never-ending spring of glorious inspiration. My heart is a ship, and it's already passed through Theseus's conundrum. The tattered remains of what I once believed to be my definition of love has been systematically replaced, leaving only your fresh cedar timber. The current that I coast along now is the strongest pull of them all. It's the pull of fate, and you are my destination.