Saturday, September 21, 2013

"Apollo's Funeral"

Aphrodite blew a kiss
Athena rose her sword
Diana went to bow her head
But fell on her knees instead

"What seperates us from the Mortals?"
She cried.
"If they live on as a god dies?"
"How can this world persist?"
"When upon the marrow we desist?"
"The sun burns on, the wine proceeds to flow."
"The men carry on, rituals continue..."
"They'll never even know."

Athena threw a sheild on the flaming son.
"The fates shall not spare us, as they had not the titans."
"As we came from them, man has come from us."
"Just as they outlive us, so too shall they be outlasted by their creations. Lost to Chronos' ghost... Just as we."

Aphrodite pressed her warm bosom upon Apollo's navel.

"Death for flesh you weep a not..."
"Yet for divinity you morn a lot?"
"We are not greater, meddling most."
"Guests mistaken for the host."
"I've tasted love, both man and god."
"Our superiority? A mere visade."

Persephone lurked out of shadow.
"Let us strike back."
"Repay treachery with a god's smack"
"If we die than so should they."
"Without us, their worship goes to decay."

Hera then decended with a deafening boom.
Her stern glare shook the room
Acceptance never suited her strong
Yet she knew her daughter wasn't wrong

"It would be all too easy to smite man."
"Such is our brother Hades' plan."
"You've grown so happy with your rapist."
"A devil now, no longer an escapist."
"Don't you look your mother in the eye."
"You've doomed us all to die."

The women threw his chariot
Let its horses squeel
Their tears turned to stone
Smashed into a spinning wheel