Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"Sand Hands"

Sweat turns into fumes
Sandals seared by noon
Oasis only in toon
Nothing but sand dunes

Cryptic creeks of tombs
Stones stacked slant
Urns quaking in their ashes
Lingering like a bad perfume

"Death, the symbols spell."
Stirred his companions
Bloodhoud abandons
Scarred by an ugly smell

Wall arrows crisscross
Mummified mens' lies 
No haven for Christens
Osiris sees no sin  

A grave fit for a king
Will do for a robber
Bait on the bobber
Slipping off the ruby ring

Doors close, sealing fate
Men turn to canibals
Oxygen turns to CO
The team's wives, now widows