Friday, July 26, 2013

[CYBORGEOUS] #1. (New Teen Fiction/ Drama, SciFi Novella)

WARNING! This story is written in the style of Teen Fiction, and as such uses profanity, violence.. etc. If you don't like that sort of thing... give this a pass.

ONE OFF: #1: The Eris Named Ankaa 

The loss of our lives would reverse the fate of so many others. That was the sole purpose of the project. That's what we were told, at least. Now, with the pretenses proven false, our parents' naivety seems all the clearer. Or was it greed? My mother and father, like those of the others, were given the ultimate choice. Asked to sacrifice their first born's for the betterment of the human race. N.U.-U.-Corp, placing themselves in the place of God himself-- echoing his harsh demands upon Issac. Yet the demands weren't all too harsh... Well, for them. Our parents donated their walking, bald corpses for the "cause." That cause being an undisclosed amount of cash. None of us knew what price our respective sets of parental units paid, but it didn't matter. To a true parent, the life of their child is off the table. Non-negotiable.

At first, I told myself they did it for genuine reasons... The amount of time I had left versus the cost of keeping me alive wasn't a fair figure. I even believed the delusion that they were genuinely interested in curing the world of my fatal ailment... But that died away. Along with the rest of my innocence... and my compassion. In the end, I fostered my hatred for them, just as I was expected to. Harvesting my spite as inspiration.  

But I suppose I should be less vague... Who am I? What did they do to me? What am I now? What became of me, and how did I get fucking even? All good questions, and ones I intend to answer. Honestly, I'm not sure where to begin...


Ah, I guess I'll begin there... It's a decent starting point.

Hold on, let me transfer the memory.



LOADING... 100%.





"DENEB CYGNIS, SIRIUS CMa, TEGMINE CANCI, and ANKAA PHEONICIS ... Report to Progress Proving Grounds 86-B at your earliest conveniences."

"Hey, uh... Ankaa, I think you--" a teenage boy with glowing green plates jutting out of his face started.

"I see the alerts scroll across my eyes just the same as you, Megrez," I sighed, tapping a tiny button behind my ear. Before my eyes, a map appeared, leading me to the designated test area.

"No need to be an ass about it," Megrez replied, putting on his shirt. "That's no way to treat your boyfriend..."

"Since when were you my fucking boyfriend?" I asked, rolling my eyes.

"Um, we've been seeing each other for a week now," Megrez said.

"Wow, no. Excuse me while I digest my own vomit."

"Are you breaking up with me!?"

"Pretty sure I made it clear I'm only using you to get off," I muttered, shaking my head. "And after this hilarious disappointment that's definitely not continuing."

"What the hell!? That was rough."

"No, it wasn't," I said with a scowl. "Thus my dissatisfaction."

"Wait, Ankaa. WAIT."

"What do you want?" I snapped, impatiently waiting in the doorway.

"Will I ever see you again!?" Megrez asked.

"Yeah, in your next wet dream."

"Don't you need your--"

I slammed the door behind me, denying Megrez the pleasure of watching me walk away. As I sped through the halls, my presence turned quite a few heads. Spun several others. I never cared much for what anyone thought of me, but I enjoyed what they did think nonetheless. Fear and hatred were my best friends. The word "bitch," my lover. My reputation kept the cowards and idiots out of my way, and it saved me an immense amount of time with the female gender. Hated me before they even met me. Just how I liked it.


Down the end of the hall, my destination laid in wait. However, I found something better. A cry-borg.

"Hey, you. Newbie." I called out.

"Me?" the fresh faced child asked, pointing to herself.

"No, I was talking to myself," I said snidely.

"Oh, okay, sorry," the little girl said happily, turning away.

"Don't act cute with me," I snapped. "You know what I want."

"I'm cute!?" she shrieked happily, jumping up and down. "I'm cute! I'm CUTE! She said I'm CUUUUUUTE."

"Stop doing that I meant that--" I started.

"Cutey cutey cute," she sang, twirling about. "I'ma cute cutie."

"Okay, that's enough of--"


The girl stopped, grinned up at me and batted her eyelashes.

"Wow, nobody's got to you yet, huh?" I muttered, gripping the girl by the neck and shoving her against the wall.

She tilted her head curiously.

"There's a hierarchy around here. As newly converted cyborg, you get a crapton of credits assigned to you. A big amount. WAY more than you fucking deserve. We veterans, the advanced ranks, we are allowed to take those credits. That's a right we EARNED."


"Yes, credits..." I sighed. "You have them stored in your head. It's a number that will appear whenever you say... SHOW CREDITS."

"Show credits!" the girl blurted. She blinked and clapped.
"Ooooh, I see squiggles."

"God, you're retarded!"

"Y'all shouldn't talk about God that way, you know," the girl scolded me.

"That's enough jerking around, kid," I said, thoroughly annoyed. "Transfer me all your credits NOW. Or so help me, I will rip your stupid face off your tiny little neck."


"How!? Didn't you download the basic commands for social interaction tutorial!?"


"Just say transfer credits, ALL, and then my name, which is--"

"Her name is Deneb Cygnis," a tall blonde bitch said cheekily as she walked past.

"Wait, no, my name is actually Ank--"

"TRANSFER CREDITS, ALL, DENEB CYGNIS," the girl blurted out happily.

"Thanks, darlin'" Deneb snickered as she walked into the testing room, her arms locked with her boyfriend Sirius.

"YOU DUMB ASS LITTLE SHIT," I roared, throwing the girl across the hallway.

"Sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy," the girl wailed as she whizzed through the air, colliding with a wall in a painful crash.

"The cry-borgs get fucking stupider each year..."

I entered the Progress Proving Ground, or PPG, with a vengeance. Ready to kick Andromeda's ass for stealing MY credits. I walked into the lime-colored cubic room and squatted down in the corner marked with my name in my HUD.

"Subject Ankaa Pheonicis, you are in violation of the dress code..." a robotic voice scolded me in my head.

"Looks like our curator's gay," I said defiantly.

"Sexuality is irrelevant," the voice informed coldly. "Nudity is a distraction in a combat exercise against the opposite sex."

"Don't worry curator, my boyfriend isn't turned on by sluts," Deneb said smugly, flashing me the nastiest grin I'd ever seen. Well, outside my own mirror.

"Yeah? Why's he staring at my tits, then?"

Deneb glared at Sirius.

He shrugged and grinned, which resulted in a painful punch to the gut.


"You're an ass," she snapped.

"What? I was just comparing them to yours," Sirius defended. "I need a reference point to tell you how pretty you are. The best way is to tell you how superior your body is to other girls."

"You're so full of it," Deneb growled, stroking her body length curly blonde hair furiously.

I made a kissy face at Sirius, just to further piss off Deneb.

"Curator, what are you doing up there!?"Deneb snapped. "Get her clothes, already. She's compromising the experiment."

"Ha, the only thing I'm compromising is your relationship, bitch," I laughed. "Sirius, if you want a good tap without all the yap, come see me after we're done."

The well-built Russian athlete raised an eyebrow.

"CURATOR," Deneb wailed.

The floor opened up below me, raising up a small box.

"Subject Ankaa Pheonicis, open the container and dress yourself immediately," the curator ordered. "Failure to comply will result in a 500 credit deduction to your total."

I reluctantly opened the box and stuck my leg in the black leggings provided for me. Ignoring the ugly grannie panties also in the box.

"Typical whore, motivated by money," Deneb taunted.

"Thanks for the compliment, but I all I really want is my next upgrade," I said, putting on the bra. "Unlike little Miss Cygnis, I don't waste all my credits on vanity enhancements. I'm hot enough without them."

Deneb narrowed her eyes, seething. Her boyfriend, however, couldn't help but laugh.

"Hey butt-raider, if I only get half-dressed will you only deduct 250 credits?" I asked.

"You are... sufficiently clothed," the curator sighed.

"But she'll still be a distraction!" Deneb protested.

"Sorry bitch, guess you'll just have to control your lesbian urges."

"Can we just start this fight already!?" Sirius asked.

"We are still waiting for the fourth participant, as this is an exercise testing teamwork," the curator replied. "The subjects' cooperative ability is the foremost factor in the grading of this test. Combat prowess is a secondary grading point."

"So I'm assuming it's me and Andromeda paired up?" he said, grinning.


"So who's this Tagmine, bitch?" I said impatiently. "She better be fucking tough. I need to win this. I'm so close."

"That would be meeeeeeeeeeee," a tiny voice squealed as its owner entered the testing area.

Upon seeing who my battle partner was, Deneb's face glowed with snarkiness.


"Oh hey, it's you, from just before," the newly converted cyborg girl chirped. "Looks like we're already best friends. YAY, BEST FRIENDS."

"FUCK... MY.... LIFE."