Saturday, June 1, 2013

"Stop Crying"

Can one find a crueler fate?
To die unrivaled, without hate
No pistols drawn, lines crossed
No tears shed, no wars lost
For what is life if not a game?
Solitaire, to name a name
No sugar to savor, salted wounds
No babies to shower, dry tombs

Adversary, a necessary evil
After all, God made a Devil
Without sin, there is no piety
Without death, we see no deity
Bullies, building thick skin
Hardship, igniting a fire within
Without falls, there are no climbs
Without stress, we need no minds

Humanity defines itself
Artificiality confines the self
Be open to the hurdles in your path
Growing calves from the aftermath
A book without death is dull
Get that through your fucking skull.