Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chez Mortem

"Chez Mortem"

The dawn seems like an eye that will never open
Like this door to this dilapidated gothic church
Piano chimes, wedding bells, vows unspoken
Left to decay, like a jilted dead bride looming in the lurch

Shivering like Eskimo, who will never warm their noses
Cold and unforgiving, time has forsaken this path
Graves never etched, never graced with lilies or roses
Harsh memories of an over drawn bloodbath

Crows caw at the sound of a whispered footstep
The pendulum chimes from an unknown clock
Nerves are shattered in the wake of the doorstep
The birds moan in a choir, mocking you in flock

The dust gathers to welcome you into despair
Revolting odors creep up your shaking shoulders
This is fear, but you’ve past felt your fair share
Darkness denies, crushing hope with boulders 

Creaking like bitter patters in Roman numeral
The house has become a home to horrors
Restlessly the organ sits awaiting its funeral
The bones lie patiently in dresser drawers